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Mater Health Brisbane - Clinical Services Strategy

Calm Consulting team members developed a Clinical Services Strategy for Mater Health in Queensland, across it's three Brisbane campuses. The strategic focus was sustainable development and growth of Health Services to meet community needs and the strategy was accompanied by a roadmap to guide future development of services and infrastructure.

An implementation plan was also drafted to include future profiles for each clinical service. Throughout the project, our consultants liaised with clinicians and other Mater health stakeholders to validate data modelling efforts and ensure alignment across the hospital.

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St John's Retirement Village


Mark was engaged by St John’s Retirement Village in Somerville to develop a technology strategy to assist the business in identifying and adopting high-tech supports for residents and staff. The strategy was driven by a new management team and philosophy during a transitional stage for the business. Identification of key requirements from the business and the sourcing of implementation partners such as Telstra were also part of Mark's remit. 

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NDIS - Self-Management Strategy and Channel Redevelopment Strategy

Geoff developed NDIS' Self-Management Strategy, a critical piece of work that underpins the very foundations of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The strategy focused on supporting Participant's 'dignity of risk' to enable self-management of Scheme funding.


Geoff's work centered around enabling self-management through a risk- based regulatory model and presented an options analysis showing potential impacts of increasing numbers of self-managers under the Scheme. The strategy was endorsed by the NDIS Board in mid 2019.


Geoff also supported development of the NDIS Channel Redevelopment Strategy and NDIS People Strategy.

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SANE - Stakeholder Engagement Strategy and Government Relations

Tanya worked with SANE Australia to lead rationalization of the organisation grant application process across mental health sector. This included a strategic approach to development of the stakeholder strategy and management of government relations, corporate affairs and relationships to ensure improved visibility of SANE and differentiation from other providers in the mental health sector.

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Prom Country Aged Care - Business Analysis and Improvement Program development

Calm Consulting are supporting Prom Country Aged Care in Foster Victoria to identify and implement efficiency opportunities.  Calm members completed a detailed business analysis for Prom Country and designed a comprehensive business improvement program. Ford supported Prom Country Aged Care with funding submissions for Federal Business Improvement grants.  Calm are providing strategic advice on how to best achieve business synergies with other Gippsland regional aged care providers.

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Woorayl Lodge Aged Care - Business Plan and Options Analysis

Calm Consulting are supporting the aged care provider, Woorayl Lodge to transform their organisation and ensure  sustainable delivery of services in the Leongatha region.  Calm is providing strategic advice to assist with governance arrangements and help position the organisation to better capitalise on sector reforms.

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