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Goulburn Murray Water - Review portfolio management lifecycle processes

Aneesh performed a review of Goulburn Murray Water's portfolio management lifecycle processes that were used to assess, identify and execute current, upcoming and proposed projects/programs.


The review included document reviews, interviews with key stakeholders  (e.g. executives, asset/project managers and delivery team members), and an evaluation of the current processes and tools used in each stage of the portfolio management lifecycle where a number of pain points and corresponding solutions were identified.

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Develop the Asset Management Transformation Strategy and Risk-based Approach to the management of High-Risk Built Assets

Geoff supported the adoption of AMAF at Parks Victoria (AMAF is the Asset Management Accountability Framework, a State Government mandated compliance framework based on ISO 55000, the international standards for asset management).


He worked with executives and senior leaders to develop Parks Victoria's Asset Management Transformation Strategy including a change management approach with prioritisation model to deliver on Parks strategic intent, risks and deliverables under the corporate plan.


Parks' estate covers more than 400 million hectares of Victorian land and the transformation strategy articulates Parks' future asset management direction and contains an overview of compelling reasons for change in asset management activities across Parks’ estate. The strategy details how Parks' can deliver the best value from estate assets by directing funding to identified needs and risks, optimizing the use and lifespan of existing assets and responding to changes in demand or use.


The strategy sets out the short, medium and long-term objectives of a program of work that will guide Parks Victoria’s work effort into alignment, to sustainable and safe asset management practices, compliant with the latest State Government legislated mandates.

Geoff also suported development of Parks' risk-based approach to the management of high-risk built assets.

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Better Boating Victoria - Infrastructure Review 

Better Boating Victoria is a government body who are tasked with the remit of overseeing the management of boating infrastructure across Victoria.

Aneesh supported BBV to perform a review of the infrastructure through the lenses of user experience, existing management practices and asset condition to determine options to better manage recreational boating infrastructure for Port Phillip and Western Port.


The review included documentation, interviews with assets mangers (e.g. councils, volunteer groups, etc.), focus groups and workshops to inform the preparation of a discussion paper which outlined issues and explored options for improved management of recreational boating facilities. 

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